90 Minute Pinafore by Creative Keepsakes

Basic construction of this pattern can be completed in less that 2 hours. Variations beyond basic pattern require more time, but detailed instructions expedite completion. Variations include smocking, tucked and/or eyelet hem accents and covered piping (or ruffles) in bodice seams. Pattern includes smocking design. (Dress pattern not included.) Packaged in 9"X12" clear plastic bag. $12.00
Sizes A/B (in one pattern)
Size A = 3, 6, & 12 mos.
Size B = 2, 3, & 4

Sizes C/D (in one pattern)
Size C = 5, 7, & 7
Size D = 8, 10, & 12





New from Creative Keepsakes!


Great Tote Pattern !  Nice area for monograms or even big designs.

Price: $9.00






New from Creative Keepsakes

Creative A-lines

Most versatile pattern yet!

Plain, Smocked, Yoke or no yoke!

Sizes: Newborn to 3years  or 4-8

Price: $12.00

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