Praise from Customers that visit our site

We feel the need to display what good messages we get for our quick service, site design and knowledgeable response.

Each phase has been taken from our e-mail almost word from word.
(except to protect the people's name)

These e-mails are only a small part of what we receive each week!

Hello Ladies~
I am always so thrilled when I receive my little packages in the mail from your Shoppe!  I am a forever customer!
I just have to show you the little outfit I made using your sweet fabrics...I have a boutique Shoppe on eBay and I just love, love, love your fabrics as do my customers!
Thank you so much!  and I will be back for more of your luscious fabrics soon.

Thank you for rectifying the order situation...Your customer service is exemplary.(4/2003)

My order arrived today! I'm impressed with how quickly this was shipped. I will definitely recommend your shop as an online shopping site. I will place another order again---soon! (4/2004)

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order on Saturday and it is exquisite! Again, thanks so much for your help. Your help on this stuff is invaluable to me and you can believe me when I tell you that I will be a frequent customer on your website! (4/2004)

Your website site is one of the best I have seen, very informative and easy to use! (4/2004)

I received my order today and I will commend you on your promptness. (3/2003)

...Love your web page and being able to place the order from there is just great. Have a delightful day!

Thank you. I always enjoy doing business with you!

I just wanted to say thank you for such quick service on my recent internet order. We don't have a good source for quality sewing and smocking supplies in Baton Rouge. I will place orders with you in the future.

Again, thank you for your excellent service.

I'll be sure to talk you up in the forum and your great customer service!

My order came today. Thank you for the floss sample and for the adjusted postage. I'll be a repeat customer!

...I appreciate your sending the plates right a way. I'm excited to get started on a couple of them.

Thanks so much for your timely service. I received my "Iris Garden" plate and
I am very pleased with it. I have bought most of my plates and sewing needs
from (anther store in her town), but it so nice to be able to receive
my plates before I have time to go to the store and hunt.

Anne Marie have I ever told you of all the shop names I've had over 20+ years I LIKE YOUR'S BEST!!!!

It looks GREAT so far! Keep up the good work!

Hi Anna Marie......just checking out your site! Can't wait to add a link to it on my 2 real estate sites!

Just thought I'd take a look at the web site! It really looks great!!!!! Cudos to all who worked hard .

I just wanted to let you know, I'm enjoying your website. I love your featured outfits.

WOW!!! What a wonderful job you did. The new site is beautiful and I'm so very proud to know you and be a part of Peanut Butter n Jelly Kids.

I like it and am anxiously awaiting your next release. Thanks for making it available on the web.

I just wanted to tell you that your site is very nice!

Look forward to seeing your next project!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! The website looks fabulous. I really enjoyed looking at it.

I love your store and have visited the past few years ...Thanks for having a great shop and both friendly faces and a friendly web site.

 I am so glad you are online!!

(lots of) Hi! GREAT SITE!


Just wanted to let you know that your web site is lovely!


 Enjoyed visiting your website. I only wish there was a shop like yours here in (home town).

 so I was eager to check out your new is wonderful! I absolutely loved looking through it! Thanks for a great site. Congratulations!

Love your web site.

you have such a beautiful web site and merchandise.

Enjoyed your web site.

Wow, that (order) was so quick. its (order) gorgeous!!

 Wow! what a great site. I just wanted to say keep up the great work.

I love my Elna.

Thank you very much for the prompt response to my order. It arrive today in great shape. I sincerely appreciate your accurate shipping and handling charges. I look forward to placing more orders with you.

I just received my order. Everything came in great condition and so fast. The shipping charges were wonderful.

You have a beautiful website and awesome selection of fabric. I will be back!!!

Thanks so much...your site is wonderful!!

I had to come home and look at your site.  IMPRESSIVE!!! I need to tell you THANKS for sharing your knowledge with me.  You are so talented and I'm proud to say I worked for you.  All your talents have made me a better seamstress.  You never know who's life you will touch.  Thanks again.  You'll probably never need my help, but if you do, please do not hesitate to call on me.  Can't wait to get back to shopping for beautiful laces and fabrics with you.

Thanks for such a quick response. I train companies in Customer

Service and your promptness makes a huge difference to the customer.

It is not often businesses respond that quickly after a sale.

Last night Chester and I were talking about you and I want to share our conversation with you.  It is rare these days that we deal with a person in business who has true integrity.  You are one of these rare individuals.  It would have been so easy for you to have sold me a new sewing machine yesterday but you did the "right" thing and went the extra mile to see if you could help me solve a problem.  As I've watched you over the past months deal with other customers, you show the same concern for their needs.  It is that service that brings people back to you and one of the reasons you've built a successful business.  You are a very courageous lady.
When our children were younger, we were teaching them the value of integrity.  At dinner one night, Chester used the butter, biscuits and noodle bowl to explain the difference between integrity (noodle bowl), honesty (biscuits) and truth (butter).  Integrity goes beyond both honesty and truth and today our children are passing that lesson to their children. 
Apparently you learned the same lesson.


I want to give you all  my deepest gratitude and love, Thank you many times over and over again!!

Love always, Anna Marie

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