The New Quilt Kits!!

These new quilt kits are a lot of fun to make!!

Special Hanky Blanket

Each hanky comes hemstitched in either pink, blue or white.

Swiss insertion connects all nine squares together. Wide entredeux beading outlines this and then Swiss edging trims it all. We did this one with the pink hemstitched hankies and used the 3/8" double face satin ribbon in the beading. I tied the bows separately and attached to each corner.

Kit includes:
4 1/4yds of insertion
4 1/3yds of wide entredeux beading
4 1/2yds Swiss edging
9 hankies
5 yards of 3/8" double faced satin ribbon.

Kit Color: white-pink-blue

Ribbon Color: white-pink-blue

Kit Cost: $172.25


"The Regatta Rag Quilt"

Fabric & Pattern Price $110.00


"In The Pines Rag Quilt"

Fabric & Pattern Price $75.00


New quilts means new quilting supplies
Take a look frequently at this page for
new tools to help you build your favorite

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