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Rag Quilt Jacket

Lesson # 1

Rag Quilt Jacket

So many of you have asked about the techniques and the pattern for the Robin's Jacket in the scrapbook, here you go, hope you enjoy!

(May take extra time to load because of all the pictures)

Pattern used for the Jacket is by Children's Corner " Little Robin's Jacket"

Material Requirements:

Sizes: 1-4

15" of six complementary fabrics (5-8 you need 18")

64" of backing fabric (lining)      

18" of contrasting fabric for bias trim of the jacket








                    (Pansy Fun)

Different fabric kits that are available:
Base Retail Price: $37.98
Modifications Additional Price
1) Select Size of Kit
Size 1-4 $0.00
Size 4-8 $4.00
2) Select Fabric Type
Ruff -N- Fluff $0.00
Circus Menagerie $0.00
Pansy Fun Pink $0.00
South Seas RP $0.00
Outdoor Happening Bright Cotton $0.00
Pastel Flannels $5.52
Clowning Around Flannel Cotton $5.52

Notions needed:

Cutting Mat, Grided Clear Ruler, Rotary cutter, 50 wt. cotton thread 1 to match backing and gray for the top quilting, 505 spray adhesive, 3 buttons of choice, Crib size batting Warm & Natural

Step #1 (Optional)

Pre-wash all fabric. I did not pre wash my fabric because of the quality that I use. There is a lot of fabric in many stores that are muslin base and really needs to be pre-washed. I use a pima cotton base and there is rarely any shrinkage and this fabric will hold up to many washings.

Step #2

Cutting Fabric & Batting

I will pull all my fabric on grain and then spray starch and press. Being careful not to stretch the fabric as I press. I find starched fabric cuts very well with the rotary cutter.

Sizes: 1-3

cut (17) 4" squares of each of the six complementary fabrics

cut (120) 4" squares of the backing fabric

cut (120)  3 1/4" squares of the Warm & Natural Batting

Your finished quilt will be 12 squares wide and 10 squares high

Sizes: 4-7

cut (24) 4" squares of each of the six complementary fabrics

cut (144) 4" squares of the backing fabric

cut (144)  3 1/4" squares of the Warm & Natural Batting

When cutting, first use your ruler's straight edge to get a  clean straight line. Make good use of your lines on the mat as well as the lines on your ruler. With a good sharp blade you should be able to cut six layers at a time.

The top piles are the backing and the bottom 3 piles are the six different complementary colors.

When cutting the batting don't forget that they are cut smaller than the rest!

We are cutting the batting just large enough to get caught in the seams but small enough not to show! I have made other rag quilts where the batting did not get caught and when I washed over and over the corner curled between the fabric. YUK!

Lets Start Putting our "quiltlets" together!!

Quiltlets are small quilted squares that you sew together to make a quilt. When you make this rag quilt you will have done the quilting first then construct the quilt!

First lay the backing face down and spray a small amount of 505 in only in the center.

Place the batting on top careful to center it evenly.

Spray a small amount of 505 in the center of the batting and place the top fabric evenly, press with your hand. This small amount of 505 will hold all three layers together until you are ready to sew and eliminate the need for straight pins!! Yeah!

At this point I will lay out all my squares into the pattern I desire.

Once laid out I will stack them on top of each other by rows. Start with first one from the top and work down, putting the first on the second and then those on the third, etc.  Label each stack with it's row number and rubber band them together. This will keep you organized so that you won't mess up your pattern.

Ready to sew!!  Next Page!


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