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Rag Quilt Jacket

Let's Quilt!

Working one row at a time you will sew an "X" across each square. With the Warm & Natural you do not have to quilt this small of an area but I like the quilted look when you are finished.

Start sewing from one corner and sew across diagonally to the other corner * just before you sew off put the second square right there and continue. Continue this way and you will be finished before you know it! Now snip them apart and sew the other diagonal the same way, wrap back up with rubber band and continue with all other rows.

My machines have a roller foot or a walking foot, I preferred the roller foot for these small squares. I also lessened the pressure of the foot on the feed dogs. All of this keeps the three layers even as you sew.

Sew Rows Together!

**The hardest thing for me to remember was to put the squares together right sides facing out! Once I got over that obstacle, time flew by!

Use 1/2" seam allowance !! Find a mark on your machine and then move your needle so that you will do a perfect 1/2" seam. If you can't move your needle use a piece of masking tape to mark the seam allowance for you with the needle in the center. Your quilt will turn out great if you just use a bit of precision when making these seams. When I put a ruler to my machine's needle and read the 1/2" mark on the ruler that mark was in between two lines!!  You need a line to follow to have any precision at all.

Sew one row at a time, making sure you are keeping the pattern. When you have finished the first row snip all the seam allowances about an 1/8" apart, this makes your fringe.

Sew row 2 together and snip seam allowances also. Now you can sew row 1 to row 2.            ** When sewing the rows together make sure that right sides are out and that you are matching seams. This is not hard if you used a little precision sewing the first rows together. After sewing the first strip to the second, clip the new seam allowances as before. Don't forget to snip as you go, it's really a pain and Boring doing the sniping last!!

Soon you will have a quilt!!!

You can see the batting now but don't worry! When you do the next step you won't. It looks pretty ratty now but once the next step is done your quilted fabric will look fabulous!!

Wash & Dry

Yes! we get to throw our quilt in the washing machine on a full cycle and then throw into the dryer!! Just like magic, your quilted fabric's seams are so fluffy and neat!!

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