Lesson  #5

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French Sewn "Heirloom Sundress"

Fabric requirements:

Size 1-1 1/4yds

Size 2-1 1/3yds

Size3-1 1/2yds

Size4-1 5/8yds

Size 5-1 2/3yds

Size 6-1 3/4yds

Lace requirements: (all sizes are the same)

embroidered insertion (center piece)- 2/3yds.

lace or eyelet insertion (either side of center piece)- 1 1/3yds

a second lace or eyelet insertion maybe used for the larger sizes, you will need

 1 1/3yds of this one also.

Lace or eyelet edging- 3yds

entredeux- eyelet version-1/3yds

          - lace version-1 3/4yds



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