Lesson  #5

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French Sewn "Heirloom Sundress"


Cut the front and back skirts to the measurements on the following chart:

Skirt Widths & Lengths




1 32" 21"
2 32" 23"
3 34" 25"
4 34" 27 1/2"
5 36" 30"
6 36" 32"


  French seam the two sides of the skirt together. The seam allowance is 1/2".

         To make a French seam you first put wrong sides together and sew half of the allowed seam (1/4"). Then you trim half of the seam made away (1/8") and fold fabric so the right sides are together now.  Now sew the remaining seam allowed (1/4").


Step Three:

Place arms eye pattern guide on your skirt, matching the top of the guide to the top of the skirt and the side of the guide to the side of the skirt. Mark and cut to guide.

(I am cutting the back and front at the same time with side seams on the left and right.)

Cut to 2 bias strips 1" by 8" (this will be plenty long enough for any size)

Iron bias in half so they measure 1/2" by 8"

Sew bias to curve of arms eye using 1/4" seam allowance.

Trim seam 1/8" and finish with a zig zag stitch.

Turn remaining bias to wrong side and whip down.

Arms eye Guides for Skirts:


Pattern Guides:

Size 1    Size 2    Size 3

Size 4    Size 5    Size 6

(click on one, then print)


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